Come and learn about Laura’s life in Burr Oak, Iowa, as a nine year old girl, as well as that of her family. Hear her stories that fit in between her books On the Banks of Plum Creek and By the Shores of Silver Lake, the loss of her nine-month old brother, Freddy, and the joy in the birth of her youngest sister, Grace. Students will also view examples of pioneer life in the 1870s; join in pioneer games and activities; walk where Laura walked through the hotel, along the creek and the spring; dress up like a pioneer and climb in the wagon.


  • School tours are welcome from April 1 – October 31.
  • Reservations are required in advance. Please call the museum at 563-735-5916 or click on the reservations button.
  • The month of May fills up quickly, so call as early as you are able for your first choice.


  • Students $3.50
  • All chaperones $3.50
  • Teacher and bus driver receive complementary passes.
  • Rates also apply to home schooled groups of 10 or more school-aged children. Complementary pass for one teacher.


  • A tour guide will greet the entire group of students in front of the museum.
  • Tour guides will lead small groups of students through the museum, activities and pioneer games. You will be asked to divide your students into groups before your visit. Groups will rotate through the activities.
  • A shelter with picnic tables is available for classes bringing lunches, with playground equipment nearby.


Buses may park parallel to the sidewalk just south of the museum on 236th Ave. adjacent to the vacant lot. If coming into town from the south, just pull into the driveway at the storage sheds north of the museum on 236th Ave. and head the bus south. Guests will then be able to exit the bus onto the sidewalk near the museum.

Laura Ingalls Wilder Park and Museum

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